Multi-Academy Trust Puts Student Outcomes First: LEO Academy Trust’s Story

December 28, 2020The Nearpod Team


When Graham Macaulay, the Director of Technology at LEO Academy Trust in the London Borough of Sutton was looking for a technology solution for his six schools, Nearpod easily fit the bill. “We had a vision and Nearpod fit that vision,” he said. LEO Academy Trust serves over 3,500 pupils with over 60 teachers actively using Nearpod in their daily lessons. 

The challenge

  • The technology director was looking for Teaching and Learning solutions that would streamline teacher processes and augment the teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students
  • LEO Academy Trust put emphasis on student outcomes over technology, “It’s not about the technology, it’s about impact on learning” 

The solution

“Nearpod helps us to deliver good teaching and learning every single day.” – Graham Macaulay, Director of Technology at LEO Academy Trust

  • LEO Academy Trust chose Nearpod to easily transfer teacher-made lessons in Powerpoint into active Nearpod lessons within the Trust’s 1:1 Chromebook Programme 
  • Nearpod provides high quality teaching and learning, not just a tech solution, but a teaching solution


Teachers at LEO Academy Trust voted Nearpod the, “App that has most transformed our teaching.” 

  • More manageable teacher workload 
  • 21,908 student engaged moments in 2020 (and growing!) 
  • 308 total created presentations in Nearpod 
  • 61 teachers using Nearpod 
  • LEO Academy Trust students considerably outrank England’s average pupil score in reading, writing, and maths

Keys to success

  • A product that streamlines the workflow for teachers and focuses on student outcomes through engagement and assessment
  • Nearpod Customer Success Manager to ensure international initiatives are supported 
  • Ongoing support from the LEO EdTeam Team to ensure teachers are effectively integrating Nearpod into their instruction

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